Cultural Transmission and Artistic Exchanges in the Low Countries, 1572-1672

Mobility of artists, works of art and artistic knowledge

dr. F.R.R. Vermeylen (Filip)

Filip Vermeylen studied early modern European history at the universities of Antwerp and Leuven. In December 2000, he successfully defended a dissertation on the development of the Antwerp art market during the long sixteenth century at Columbia University in New York. In 2006, Filip Vermeylen joined the ranks of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He teaches various courses in the Master’s program ‘Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship’, of which he also acts as the coordinator. He lectures and publishes on various aspects of the economics of art and culture in historical perspective (1400-present). The emphasis of these scholarly endeavors is on the history and functioning of art markets and particularly on the art trade, the pricing of works of art and taste formation, the history of art auctions and the role of art dealers as cultural mediators.

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