Cultural Transmission and Artistic Exchanges in the Low Countries, 1572-1672

Mobility of artists, works of art and artistic knowledge

dr. C. Rasterhoff (Claartje)

Claartje Rasterhoff is a postdoctoral researcher in the project ‘Artistic exchanges and cultural transmission in the Low Countries, 1572-1672: mobility of artists, works of art and artistic knowledge’. From 2007 to 2011 she worked as a PhD candidate at Utrecht University in the research group Economic and Social History. She has defended her thesis The Fabric of Creativity in the Dutch Republic. Painting and Publishing as Cultural Industries, 1580-1800 in September 2012. She holds a MA degree in Comparative History (Utrecht University), a BA degree in History (University of Amsterdam), and she has completed the PhD training program in social and economic history at the N.W. Posthumus Institute. Other academic activities include teaching and editorial work. Research interests are early modern urban history, cultural industries, economic geography.

Claartje Rasterhoff
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